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Enjoy a full bodied, smooth and smokey taste coupled with a light sweet floral aroma from our first tea blend kit called "Guns & Roses." Blend it according to our recommendation or build it the way you prefer.


Directions: Add 0.5 tsp Gunpowder Green Tea + a pinch of each ingredient to a steeper. Steep in hot water (180 F) for 3 minutes. Then, enjoy this brew-tea-ful blend in your cup.


Ingredients: gunpowder green tea, spearmint, rosebuds and petals, licorice root, lavender

DainTea™ Guns and Roses Luxury TEA Blend Kit


    Create the perfect cup of tea with our uniquely crafted luxury tea blend kits that give you the freedom to brew according to your preference. You can add less or more of any ingredient to get the taste you desire. Create with endless  blending possibilities or enjoy a simple, one-ingredient standalone tea, or herbal infusion. Remember, tea is for taste.

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