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Isle of Skye is the final collection of poetry by Natalie Nascenzi, joining her first two books Out of Chaos and The Aftermath of Unrest.


Beginning with her own poetic journey ending, Isle of Skye takes readers through an unpredictable collection of lyrical and emotionally charged poetry—eventually guiding them to a destination and prompting them to write their own beginning. 


Each piece is different from the next, reflecting the improbability of reality that we each face on every journey through life. Isle of Skye sends the message: Though the road to every goal is highs and lows, we all end up where we are meant to be; and Though an ending is bittersweet, it always means a new beginning.


Book Details


Paperback: 140 pages

Publisher: ii Publishing

Language: English

Book Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 0.24"

Weight: 0.369 ibs

Category: Poetry, Women Poetry

Isle of Skye by Natalie Nascenzi

  • Natalie Nascenzi is a copywriter, poet, and author from Rhode Island. She moved to the city in 2017 to pursue her career in advertising. After a dramatic weight loss transformation of over 85 pounds and a journey through anxiety, depression, and loss of self, Natalie found herself again through words. Since then, she made an impression on New York City’s open mic community and her works have been featured across the world in anthologies and independent publications. 

    From her first book Out of Chaos to now, Natalie has spread her message of hope and transformation and has continued the journey with readers through The Aftermath of Unrest. After her final installment of her poetry book series, Isle of Skye, Natalie plans to expand into the world of writing and beyond; carrying with her the mission to spread hope and positive change. 

    You can find her at: and on IG at @nncenzi.

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