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**PRE-ORDER by  June 26th for exclusive discountYou have waited long can now enjoy our unique Chai TEA blend that features milk oolong, ginger, cacao nibs, and toasted coconut. It's bold with spiciness coupled with a sweet-creamy body and a touch of nuttiness. Blend it according to our recommendation or build it the way you prefer. Each ingredient can be used to make a standalone TEA. Try each ingredient before blending so you can identify the flavors to TEA to your TASTE.  Directions: Add 0.5 tsp Milk oolong + a pinch of each ingredient to a steeper/tea bags. Steep in hot water (180 F) for 3-5 minutes. Then, enjoy this brew-tea-ful blend in your cup. Ingredients: Milk Oolong, Chai blend, Ginger, Cacao nibs, Toasted Coconut

DainTea™ MILK & COCO Luxury TEA Blend Kit

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